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Is it possible to make an already superior ski even better, just by changing the lay up to more expensive and hi tech materials?
Most certainly not. Who ever tells you this is hiding something.
How ever it’s always possible to tweak every construction on more time. And that is exactly what Blue Line is about. It’s another version of the standard line up. A version we think is to good to let go of. We use the same shapes, but we put in another type of performance.
Tweaked and then tweaked again. It’s the art of true engineering.
So, what’s the fuzz all about? Well, it’s basically a fully carbonized ski (ok, this is of course expensive but also superior to all other fibres) with lot’s of exactly adapted dampening, which means a more rapid flex curve that really works as an extension of your effort. All this without being stiff.
Wohaa, that a lot of mumbo jumbo in one sentence you say. Ok, yes, maybe so. But nevertheless it’s the truth.
We feel that we don’t want to change to much on the highly appreciated and award winning standard line up, but rather add another way of experiencing the skis.
And by the way, you loose like 150 gr under your feet which is never a bad thing if it’s for the right reason.
Reach for the sky, go for the Blue Line for an elevated feeling. You won't regret it.
1500 SEK
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